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Headaches, Migraines & Chronic Neck Pain

Head and Neck pain can be frightening for anyone, but when very frequent or even constant, it has a huge negative impact on quality of life. Often the only solutions offered will be long-term medication or surgery - both of which come with significant risks for your future health. 

What Makes My Approach Work?

Investigate, Don't Just Medicate.

More often than not there is an undiagnosed underlying musculoskeletal issue that is either causing pain, or preventing recovery. It is essential to get to the root cause of your headaches if you want a sustainable recovery instead of a life on pain medication or antidepressants. Many people with headaches or head pain will also have neck and upper back tension, but for a significant proportion of people their neck, shoulder or upper back issues are the root cause of their ongoing pain issues. This kind of headache is a 'cervicogenic headache'. Research shows that cervicogenic headaches are very unlikely to resolve when treated with medication alone.

The Treatment Plan.

When I see clients for Head & Neck Pain, I find it is best to work with 1hr appointments. This offers one significant advantage to me as a practitioner and to you as a client - the advantage of TIME . . . 

  • TIME to talk about the impact this has had on your life

  • TIME for me to really understand how this affects you and your loved ones on a day to day basis

  • TIME to properly diagnose the problem and work out what muscle patterns contribute to it

  • TIME to treat to resolve the pain in the short term

  • TIME to work with you to support long term recovery

  • TIME to really get to the bottom of it so you can understand what was causing your pain and why

No Two Cases Will Be The Same.

This is what makes this work so challenging but ultimately what also makes it so fascinating. Each and every cases is unique, unravelling these complex problems is incredibly rewarding for me and I hope the experience will be empowering for you.


If You Want Things To Be Different, Do Things Differently.

If your life is being ruined by recurrent pain in the head, face, jaw or neck, get in touch to arrange a time to come in for a consultation. Let's take a little time and see if we can resolve your problem instead of trying to blunt it with increasingly strong doses of medication.

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