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Meet Nick

Headaches, Migraines & Chronic Pain Specialist

Registered Osteopath - Structural, Cranial, Gentle!
Western Medical Acupuncturist
Chronic Pain Specialist

Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping someone to get their life back again.

I have been in practice for many years and over this time I have seen many people walk through my door at their wits end on account of living with persistent headaches. In some cases they have lived in fear of their pain for many years, often they come with a long history of referrals to neurologists, dentists and endocrinologists. In far too many cases they live on a cocktail of pain-reliving medication that blunts their lives but which does little to erradicate their pain. 

People come with despair in their eyes, and leave at the end of their first appointment with a glimmer of hope, a plan of action and a more positive future. These cases have been the source of such job satisfaction for me that eventually I decided to dive even more deeply into this field. 

If you want someone who will honestly and openly assess your problem and discuss your case with you, you have come to the right place. I look foward to meeting you.

Kind Regards,



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